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Education. A postcolonial manifesto

What is education? Most publications that claim to be able to answer this question usually cite a number of white European men who have taught at universities or still do so. The bildungsLab* intervenes in this taken-for-grantedness and presents - as a prelude to a multi-part series under the title resistance & desire - a manifesto that wants to encourage linking education and experience.

The bildungsLab* reflects on education from a wide variety of perspectives: sometimes personal, sometimes theoretical, sometimes poetic, sometimes funny, sometimes serious - but always precise and clever. They call for a rethinking of Eurocentric-humanistic notions of education and a reflection on a postcolonial education in a plural society.

ISBN 978-3-89771-091-7
Publication date October 2021
Pages 108, pocket size
Cover design Tasnim Baghdadi

Review by an.schläge (in German)


Decolonial Interventions

The "knowledge of the world" in Western Europe is not innocent, objective or decontextualized, but emerged in historically grown relations of power and domination. Only in the continuity of colonial, academic practices have subjects been produced and (re)produced as deficient >others< (othering). But who determines what is or may be considered >knowledge< and/or >education<?

The authors* set out in search of decolonial knowledge productions and move the perspectives of marginalized subjects from the margins to the center. Reflective, (self)critical, unruly, ironic, indignant, their texts want to reveal the violence of knowledge (epistemic violence) and western-eurocentric representational power to a certain extent and thus deconstruct it. In doing so, the authors* also consider places and structures of power and domination against the background of their own positionality and entanglement. Their preoccupation with the (re)production of hegemonic notions and ideas leads them in the end to the question of an ethics that relates to this.

ISBN 978-3-89771-181-5
Publication date October 2022
Pages 100, pocket size
Cover design Tasnim Baghdadi