> April 2024

Queer-feminist positions. Starting point: South America and the Caribbean

Reading in German as part of the Feminist Book Fair Berlin with Verónica Orsi (ed.) and Carolina Tamayo Rojas (author). Moderation: Nabila Bushra (bildungsLab*)

The book reports on a decolonial feminism that is committed to the struggle against cis-heteronormative patriarchy in Latin America and the Caribbean. The anthology brings together decolonial, counter-patriarchal ideas and diasporic knowledge for feminized bodies and draws an alternative geography of cross-feminist militancy, political activisms and transnational alliances.



> January 2023

In the Green Salon of the Volksbühne, Bahar Oghalai, Veronika Patočková, Sabina Salimovska, Hila Latifi and Leila Haghighat (moderator) talk about education and resistance. Trovania Delille makes a performance.


> January 2022

Carolina Tamayo Rojas and Trovania Delille talk about education under postcolonial conditions at Widerstand und Widerrede.


> März 2024

"Biting Back. Essen, Diaspora, Widerstand" 

Reading and discussion at FraKu in Leipzig with Meryem Choukri and Fallon Tiffany Cabral


> June 2023

Double Bind Postcolonial
Critical perspectives on art and cultural education


> August 2023

Forming Hegemony
Pedagogical Connections to Antonio Gramsci


> May 2023

Book launch: Freund*innenschaft. Dreiklang einer politischen Praxis.

The event will take place as a hybrid event. During the evening, the authors will present the book and their ideas and look forward to a discussion with the audience.


> March 2023

Just stay composed.

Two places. Straddled between two societies, two forces, connected with friends, languages, sounds, tenderness across half the globe - on good days the I floats. On bad ones, the burden of the situation and the coldness of the surrounding society are unbearable.

Just stay composed. Do not pose. Just stay composed.


> February 2023

Three sisters, Saboura, Basira and Kirat, gather at historically significant sites in Bavarian history. They approach these stories with their own biographies and the sculptures by the artist Ahu Dural. As poets, the children of migrant workers, thinkers they stand for the many stories of resistance and biographies of the in-between world.


> März 2022

The b-Lab* presents the book in Leipzig: Lalitha Chamakalayil and Leila Haghighat on "Education - A Postcolonial Manifesto".

> Januar 2022

The b-Lab* has a contribution as part of the podcast "Resistance & Widerrede" on the occasion of the "International Day of Education". (Trovania Delille & Carolina Tamayo Rojas speak on "Education under Postcolonial Conditions".


> November 2021

Contribution at the International Marxist Feminist Conference: (María do Mar Castro Varela, Meryem Choukri, Leila Haghighat, Saphira Shure & Carolina Tamayo-Rojas speak on "KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION, DIFFERENCE AND VULNERABILITY").


> November 2021

The b-Lab* is a cooperation partner* in the third phase of "Schools of Tomorrow 3" (SoT) of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW). In November 2021, the bildungsLab (Samia Aden, Narmada Saraswati, Saphira Shure, Purnima Vater and María do Mar Castro Varela) will present critical positions on racism in schools and education.

> October 2021

The b-Lab* launches its own publication series titled "resistance and desire" with UNRAST Publishing. 


> September 2021

The b-Lab* has a contribution in the project URGENT PEDAGOGIES (written by María do Mar Castro Varela & Saphira Shure). 


> September 2019 (14th and 15th)

"Reading Bodies! Corpoliteracy in Art, Education and Everyday Life", cooperation with the House of World Cultures.

> October 2018 (4th till 6th)

The b-Lab* was represented by Samia Aden & Carolina Tamayo Rojas, who spoke about "Ethical Tensions in Research Practices in the Global South and North" and María do Mar Castro Varela, who discussed the issue of "Epistemic Violence" in the 2nd Conference of the Refugee Research Network at the Center for Flight and Migration 

> August 2018 (5th and 6th)

KNEE-DEEP Theory Meeting No 1 in Berlin. The b-Lab* will be reading Spivaks: An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization (2012): just as we learn languages best when we are fully immersed in them and spend days just listening to and speaking the new language, so it is with theories. We will dive knee-deep into Spivak's theorizing this weekend by reading her texts, listening to lectures, watching films, and discussing, discussing, discussing.... 

> Juni 2018 (13th)

Closing Festival Schools of Tomorrow (SoT), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin: b-Lab* will offer a workshop (14h-16h) entitled "Tampering with the Teaching Machine" at the closing event of SoT. In table talks we will discuss education, racism and power with participants*.

> December 2018 (14th and 15th)

"Heterogeneity in Refuge-Related Educational Work - Analytical and Practical Perspectives." Annual conference of the SchlaU Workshop for Migration Education in Munich.

> December 2018

The bildungsLab* speaks on the topic "Re-Thematizations. Views from the bildungsLab*". Participating are: Saphira Shure: "Race, Nation & School, or: Why Schools Are Racist"; Lalitha Chamakalayi: "I Didn't Know....! On Not Addressing Deportations"; Arzu Çiçek: "In the Tension between Prevailing Structures and Alterity"; María do Mar Castro Varela: "Shattering Desire and Counterpointing Solidarity. Postcolonial Thematizing Practices."