Samia J. Aden, University of Kassel, Institut for Social Welfare

Research assistant at the Department of Socialisation with focus on migration and intercultural education

Current Project: ""Transnational youth under coditions of flight and asylum. A multi- sited ethnography (in)between Somalia and Germany." (working title)


e-mail: s.aden [at]

Jamila Al-Yousef, Cultural Worker, Berlin and Palestine

Ph.D. candidate in musicology; musician; educator

Current Project:  "Potentials and challenges of transcultural project approaches of participation and representation of musicians who fled to Germany"




e-mail: mauerkind [at]

Mai-Anh Boger, University of Bielefeld/University of Leipzig

Deputy Professor University of Leipzig & Research Assistant at the Faculty of Education, Bielefeld University; Pedagogue

Current Project: "Inclusion from a psychoanalytical perspective"; "Philosophy of difference and alterity"


e-mail: mai-anh.boger [at]

Fallon Tiffany Cabral, Freiburg University of Education & Alice Salomon University of Applied Science , Berlin

Ph.D. candidate, educational mediator

Current Project: "On the negotiation of race and racisms in families* of Black and PoC in Germany"


María do Mar Castro Varela, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Berlin

Professor for Pedagogy and Social Work, Research focus: Postcolonial theory, Critical (Adult-)Education, Migrations- and Refugee Studies, Gender/Queer, Trauma Studies

Current Project: "Contrapunctual Pedagogy"; "Trauma, Postcolonialism and Art"


e-mail: castrovarela [at]

Lalitha Chamakalayil, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland , Basel

Scientific staff member: Institute Child and Youth Welfare.

Current Project: ""Parents and school in the context of social inequalities - a study oriented towards subjectivation and biographical theory", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, in cooperation with the PH Zurich (Prof. Dr. Bruno Leutwyler) and the PH Zug (Dr. Oxana Ivanova-Chessex)


e-mail: lalitha.chamakalayil [at]

Meryem Choukri, University of Warwick, Coventry (UK)

Ph.D. candidate in German Studies and freelance educator, M.A. Postcolonial Theory & Global Policy

Current Project: "Archives of Resistance - Remembering Black Women and Women of Color movements in Germany"

e-mail: meryem.choukri [at]

Arzu Çiçek, University Wuppertal

Research assistant (PostDoc) Faculty "Gender and Diversity"

Current Project: "The unease of belonging. A pedagogical reading of Derrida"


e-mail: cicek [at]

Trovania Delille, Europe University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

Performance artist, musician, social worker

Current Project: TRVΛNIΛ - Ein Porträtperformance"


e-mail: trovania.delille [at]

Aïcha Diallo, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science and KontextSchule, Berlin

Pedagogue, lecturer, cultural worker and co-director of the KontextSchule Berlin

Aktuelles Projekt: "Perspectives on Trauma, Resilience & Arts""


e-mail: aicha.dia [at]

Gülden Ediger, Europe University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

Ph.D. candidate Social Science & educator at Zsimt Berlin
Current Project: "Sex in the City - a discourse analysis on sexuality in Neukölln"

e-mail: ediger [at]

Leila Haghighat, University of Applied Arts, Vienna and Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Berlin

PhD candidate, cultural education, lecturer and cultural worker in Berlin

Current Project: "Between pacification and self-empowerment. An analysis of participatory practices in Arts Education in the context of urban transformation processes"

e-mail: lahaghighat [at]

Shadi Kooroshy, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg
Stipendiatin des Promotionskollegs "Migrationsgesellschaftliche Grenzformationen"

Aktuelles Projekt: "Immanuel Kant - rassismuskritisch lesen. Bezüge des race-Denkens in ausgewählten Schriften Kants im Hinblick auf ihre Spuren in der Gegenwart - am Beispiel der Politischen Bildung" (Arbeitstitel)

e-mail: shadi.kooroshy [at]

Natascha Khakpour, Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

Promovendin am Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft; Dozentin u.a. an der Universität Wien

Aktuelles Projekt: "Ta(l)king Languages. Subjektivierungstheoretische Perspektiven auf die Bedeutung von Sprache für Ein- und Ausgrenzungsprozesse im Feld von Flucht, Migration und Bildung"


e-mail: natascha.khakpour [at]

Malika Mansouri, University of Bielefeld, Lawyer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Sonderforschungsbereich Praktiken des Vergleichens und am Lehrstuhl für öffentliches Recht, deutsches und internationales Sozialrecht, mit dem Schwerpunkt Migration, Rassismus und Menschenrechte

Aktuelles Projekt: "Die Bekämpfung rassischer Diskriminierung durch die International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination"


e-mail: malika.mansouri [at]

Sabine Mohamed, Heidelberg University & Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen

PhD candidate at the Institute of Anthropology at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Current project: "In the Place of All, Black Empire and Addis Ababa as Cosmos"


E-mail: sabine.s.mohamed [at]

Sheila Ragunathan, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen

PdD candidate, M.A. Sociology

Current Project: "On Practicing an Antiracist Feminist Pedagogy in German Academic Classrooms - Reflections by Teachers and Students on Teaching and Learning Atmospheres"

e-mail: sheilaragunathan [at]

Narmada Saraswati, Association of German Educational Organizations (AdB), Berlin

Pedagogue/Social worker (M.A.) and Project Manager

Current project: "Polyphon! Strengthening Diversity in Civic Education


E-mail: narmada [at]

Saphira Shure, University of Bielefeld

Research assistant (PostDoc)

Aktuelles Projekt: "De_Thematization of migration social orders: Teacher training as a place for the production of meaning"


e-mail: saphira.shure [at]

Carolina Tamayo Rojas, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Berlin

Anthropologist and political scientist, recently got her PhD in Anthropology 

Lecturer for "Gender and Queer Studies" and for "Othering in the German Migration society". Works as a freelancer in political education and is anactivist for the campaign for victims of racist police violence Berlin (KOP). Research interests: decolonisation processes, indigenous resistance, critical race theory and transnational feminist alliances

Current Project: "Alternatives to Development Politics "

e-mail: carotam84 [at]

Thu Hoài Tran, Humboldt-University, Berlin

Social scientist, educationalist and cultural educator

Current Project: "Practices of solidarity at the interface between theatre, science and activi"

e-mail: thu.hoai.tran [at]

Purnima Vater, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Berlin

Pedagogue, lecturer and Community-Organizer

e-mail: purnimavater [at]