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Education. A postcolonial manifesto

What is education? Most publications that claim to be able to answer this question usually cite a number of white European men who have taught at universities or still do so. The bildungsLab* intervenes in this taken-for-grantedness and presents - as a prelude to a multi-part series under the title resistance & desire - a manifesto that wants to encourage linking education and experience.

The bildungsLab* reflects on education from a wide variety of perspectives: sometimes personal, sometimes theoretical, sometimes poetic, sometimes funny, sometimes serious - but always precise and clever. They call for a rethinking of Eurocentric-humanistic notions of education and a reflection on a postcolonial education in a plural society.

ISBN 978-3-89771-091-7, Publication date: October 2021

Pages: 108, pocket size

Cover design: Tasnim Baghdadi