María do Mar Castro Varela, Lalitha Chamakalayil, Saphira Shure, Arzu Çiçek at the annual conference of the SchlaU Workshop for Migration Education in Munich, December 2018.


  • The b-Lab* launches its own publication series titled "resistance and desire" with UNRAST Publishing:


  • The b-Lab* is a cooperation partner* in the third phase of "Schools of Tomorrow 3" (SoT) of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW). In November 2021, the bildungsLab (Samia Aden, Narmada Saraswati, Saphira Shure, Purnima Vater and María do Mar Castro Varela) will present critical positions on racism in schools and education.
  • Contribution at the International Marxist Feminist Conference: (María do Mar Castro Varela, Meryem Choukri, Leila Haghighat, Saphira Shure & Carolina Tamayo-Rojas speak on "KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION, DIFFERENCE AND VULNERABILITY").
  • The b-Lab* has a contribution in the project URGENT PEDAGOGIES (written by María do Mar Castro Varela & Saphira Shure).
  • 9/14/15/2019 "Reading Bodies! Corpoliteracy in Art, Education and Everyday Life", cooperation with the House of World Cultures.
  • 6/13/2018 Closing Festival Schools of Tomorrow (SoT), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin: b-Lab* will offer a workshop (14h-16h) entitled "Tampering with the Teaching Machine" at the closing event of SoT. In table talks we will discuss education, racism and power with participants*. View table talk topics here.
  • 8/5-6/2018 KNEE-DEEP Theory Meeting No 1 in Berlin. The b-Lab* will be reading Spivaks: An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization (2012): just as we learn languages best when we are fully immersed in them and spend days just listening to and speaking the new language, so it is with theories. We will dive knee-deep into Spivak's theorizing this weekend by reading her texts, listening to lectures, watching films, and discussing, discussing, discussing.... The format is simple: we will start around 10 am and work until exhaustion. In the evening, we continue our discussion in a cozy atmosphere with drinks and food or watch films on the topic.
  • October 4-6, 2018 "2nd Conference of the Refugee Research Network" at the Center for Flight and Migration in Eichstätt, Germany, the Network's Working Group on Flight and Education will present a panel on "Ways out of entanglement? - The question of ethics in the research field of 'Refuge and Education'". The panel was conceived by María do Mar Castro Varela and Roxana Dauer for the AK. It thematizes question of ethics related to research on flight in the context of "education". Disturbed by the observation that after the summer of 2015 there has been an explosion of research and projects in the field of "flight and education", we would like to ask ourselves and discuss what ethical research could or should look like in this context. We do not see the problem in the presence of refugees in educational institutions, but rather in the weak questioning of German educational institutions and the hegemonic production of knowledge. In this context, we understand "flight and education" as a field of research that requires a critique of power and domination in a traditionally Western understanding of education. Basically, it seems important to us to establish a critical research on flight in the context of education that questions essentialist conceptions of culture and focuses on epistemic violence. An ethical research on escape education will also have to address escape and education in the context of growing social inequality and intensifying migration policies.b-Lab* was represented by Samia Aden & Carolina Tamayo Rojas, who spoke about "Ethical Tensions in Research Practices in the Global South and North" and María do Mar Castro Varela, who discussed the issue of "Epistemic Violence".
  • December 14-15, "Heterogeneity in Refuge-Related Educational Work - Analytical and Practical Perspectives." Annual conference of the SchlaU Workshop for Migration Education in Munich.
  • The bildungsLab* speaks on the topic "Re-Thematizations. Views from the bildungsLab*" The panel will consider the concept of "difference" and the "thematization of discrimination and marginalization" from a perspective critical of racism, while encouraging migration pedagogical theory and practice that enables pedagogy to be recalibrated in relation to democracy and decolonization.Participating are: Saphira Shure: "Race, Nation & School, or: Why Schools Are Racist"; Lalitha Chamakalayi: "I Didn't Know....! On Not Addressing Deportations"; Arzu Çiçek: "In the Tension between Prevailing Structures and Alterity"; María do Mar Castro Varela: "Shattering Desire and Counterpointing Solidarity. Postcolonial Thematizing Practices."