Samia Aiden 

Kassel University  

Samia Aden is a research associate at the Department of Socialization with a focus on migration and intercultural education at the University of Kassel.

Current project: "Transnational youth under coditions of flight and asylum. A multi- sited ethnography (in)between Somalia and Germany." (working title)


e-mail: s.aden [at]

Jamila Al-Yousef

Berlin & Palästina

Jamila Al-Yousef is a singer, cultural scientist, festival curator and anti-racism trainer from Berlin. Inspired by her Palestinian father, who fled to Germany, she began early on to initiate projects focusing on perspectives from West Asia and North Africa, as well as post-migrant issues. Among others, she founded the annual "Arab* Undeground" program at Fusion Festival between 2011 and 2019 and established the "Welcome Board" to support fled music actors:inside for the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK). Since 2019, Jamila has been working as a lecturer, trainer and consultant in the field of cultural work critical of racism, among others at the University of Hildesheim and within the framework of a multi-year opening program of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg with cultural institutions such as the Akademie Schloss Solitude, ifa, Lindenmuseum and many more on the reappraisal of colonial continuities and the dismantling of racist structures. In this context, Jamila is currently developing a scientifically accompanied empowerment program for artists and cultural actors affected by racism together with colleagues such as ManuEla Ritz and Goska Soluch. The rest of her time she spends writing music and touring Europe, West Asia and North Africa with her psychedelic desert funk band "Jamila & The Other Heroes".

Current project: Cultural work critical of racism and empowerment at cultural institutions in Baden-Wuerttemberg


e-mail: jamilaandtheotherheroes [at]

Tasnim Baghdadi

Basel Art Museum

Tasnim Baghdadi is an artist, art historian and art educator.

Current project:



Mai-Anh Boger

Regensburg University

Dr. Mai-Anh Boger studied education, psychology and philosophy. Her academic path to date has taken her through the universities of Mainz, Harvard, Bielefeld, Paderborn, Vienna and Leipzig. Since 2021, she has been an academic councilor at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Regensburg. There she continues to address issues of discrimination and inclusion/anti-discrimination from a psychoanalytic perspective. In almost all of her work, special attention is paid to the psychodynamics of internalized oppression and the collective as well as the singular therein.

Current projects: "Inclusion from a psychoanalytic perspective"; "Philosophy of difference and alterity".


e-mail: mai-anh.boger [at]

Fallon Tiffany Cabral

Freiburg University of Education & Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin

Fallon Tiffany Cabral, Dipl. Pol. is a PhD candidate at the University of Education in Freiburg and the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. In addition to her teaching and lecturing activities at universities and, Fallon conducts (empowerment) workshops focusing on intersectionality, racism, 'family*, food & belonging'. Her (auto)ethnographic dissertation project "On Growing (up with) Chilis. On the Negotiation of Race and Racism in BIPoC Families* in Germany" (working title) is situated at the intersection of Racism, Family*, Postcolonial, Queer and Critical Aunty Studies.

Current project: MEGA - Media Empowerment for German Asians at korientation e.V. (Project Officer)

Current publication: With: Chripa Schneller (i.E. 2021): "Critical Race Parenting", in: Handbuch Feministische Perspektiven auf Elternschaft. Lisa Yashodhara Haller and Alicia Schlender (eds.). Barbara Budrich Publishers.

e-mail: f.cabral [at]


María do Mar Castro Varela

Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin, currently Ustinov Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna 

Prof. Dr. María do Mar Castro Varela holds a degree in psychology, a degree in education and a doctorate in political science. She is a professor of general education and social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Her work focuses on postcolonial theory, critical migration studies, critical education studies, trauma studies, and conspiracy narratives.In 2015/16 she was a Senior Fellow at the Institute for the Science of Man (IWM) in Vienna. She is a member of the Radiating Globality research group led by Gayatri C. Spivak (Columbia University), Principal Investigator of the DigitalerHass research project, and Chair of the Berlin Institute for Counterpoint Social Analysis (BIKA e.V.).

She currently holds the Sir Peter Ustinov Visiting Professorship of the City of Vienna at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna and conducts research on conspiracy theories and digital hate speech in social media.

Recent publication: "Post/Pandemic Life. A New Theory of Fragility" (co-authored with Yener Bayramoğlu).


Lalitha Chamakalayil

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland/Basel

Dipl.-Psych. Lalitha Chamakalayil is a research associate at the Institute for Child and Youth Welfare, School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Muttenz. Her work focuses on relations of social inequality; negotiation and positioning of families, parents; mothers/parents under 25; school-to-work transitions and psychoanalysis in the migration society.

Recent publication: Chamakalayil, L., Ivanova-Chessex, O., Leutwyler, B. & Scharathow, W. (eds.) (2021). Parents and educational institutions: Power and inequality critical perspectives. Weinheim, Basel: Beltz Juventa.


e-mail: lalitha.chamakalayil [at]

Meryem Choukri

University of Warwick, Coventry & Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Meryem Choukri works inside and outside the university on empowerment, marginalized archives, and racism. She holds an M.A. in "Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy" from Goldsmiths University and is currently pursuing a PhD on resistant archives of Black and migrant feminist movements in Germany at the Universities of Warwick (UK) and Giessen (DE). Meryem also works as a freelance educational facilitator with a focus on colonialism, intersectionality and empowerment. In Hamburg, she is part of Diaspora Salon, which creates spaces for (post-)migrant, Black, and Voices of Color, and produces the podcast "So Tasty!" with Susan Djahanghard.

Current project: "Archives of Resistance - Remembering Black Women and Women of Color movements in Germany".

e-Mail: meryem.choukri [at]


Photo: Anne Koch

Arzu Çiçek

University of Wuppertal Arzu Çiçek is a research associate at the Institute of Educational Science at the University of Wuppertal and currently a substitute professor in the field of "Migration and Education" at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Current project: "Vom Unbehagen an der Zugehörigkeit. A reading of Derrida in migration education".


e-mail: cicek [at]

Trovania Delille

European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Trovania Delille (aka TRVΛNIΛ) is a multilingual Haitian poet and social worker currently living in Berlin. Her affinity for writing helps her express her inner turmoil and reflect on the societies she lives in by exploring and playing with notions of identity, vulnerability, and sexuality. She is also a co-founder of Poet & Prophetess, a Berlin and London-based collective that works to promote and create a platform for writers/artists of color.

Recent publication: "Untitled. Poem inspired by Opashona Gosh "Till Kingdom Come" (Berlin, 2019)"


social media: @trovaniasink

e-mail: trovania.delille [at]

Aïcha Diallo

MINSK in Potsdam

Aïcha Diallo is responsible for education and outreach at MINSK (, Potsdam since November 2020. As a cultural scientist, educator/art mediator, and freelance writer/editor, she has contributed to various projects. Diallo worked for several years as an editor for the art magazine Contemporary And (C&) and curated exhibitions and events for the off-program of the Dak'Art Biennial. She was co-project director of KontextSchule, based at the Institute for Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin. She also worked for the pan-African cultural platform Chimurenga in Cape Town, the exhibition project prêt-à-partager at the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), among others, was co-founder and actor of the performance platform Label Noir and co-editor of the magazine Aperture for the Platform Africa issue. Her teaching and research interests include trauma/memory studies, critical pedagogy, and postcolonial criticism.

Recent publication: the trilingual anthology Untie to Tie: Koloniale Fragmente im Kontext Schule - Colonial Fragments in the Context of School - Fragments coloniaux dans le contexte de l'école has recently been published, which Diallo is editing together with Annika Niemann and Miriam Shabafrouz in cooperation with ifa Galerie Berlin and the Federal Agency for Civic Education.


e-mail: aicha.dia [at]

Gülden Ediger

European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Gülden Ediger is a social scientist, PhD student at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) & education facilitator at Zsimt Berlin.

Current project: "Sex in the City - a discourse analysis on sexuality in Neukölln".

e-mail: ediger [at]

Maia George

Distance Learning University Hagen & Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin

Maia George is an entrepreneur, philosopher and researcher. As an entrepreneur, she is active in academia and research. She consults and offers advanced training for research institutions. Here, the topics of science communication, science reflection, the political and ethical philosophy of science, career orientation of academics, scholarship application and social media and digitization in the context of research and education predominate for her. As a researcher and philosopher, she specializes in memory culture, philosophy of history, political philosophy, philosophy of science, and French philosophy.


e-mail: info [at]

Leila Haghighat

Academy of Arts, Vienna

Leila Haghighat is doing her PhD on intractable dilemmas in socially engaged art in the context of gentrification processes at the Academy of Arts in Vienna and teaches on the topics of body, space and representation. In her theoretical and practical work, she is particularly interested in the emancipatory political and social impact of art, focusing on the power structures in the art field and the paradoxes these structures entail. In particular, she explores the ways in which art, space, politics, and society are interrelated. Previously, she studied cultural and political sciences at Université Paris VII Vincennes/St. Denis and was the Coordinator for Cultural Education at the House of World Cultures in Berlin from 2013 to 2017.

Current project: "Between Pacification and Empowerment. The double bind in socially engaged art"

e-mail: lahaghighat [at]

Shadi Kooroshy

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Shadi Kooroshy is a scholarship holder of the doctoral program "Migration-Social Border Formations". Her dissertation project examines references to race-thinking in selected texts by Immanuel Kant with regard to traces in contemporary German-language political education in a German context. This interest is based, on the one hand, on the findings of recent German-language racism research/criticism and, on the other hand, with reference to the more recent (racism-)critical US-American reception of Kant, on the hypothesis that in Kantian texts explicitly - but above all also implicitly in the texts generally regarded as 'universalistic' - figures of thought based on race can be worked out, which, on the one hand, enable the conception of a specific 'we' in distinction to 'the others' and, on the other hand, or rather, at the same time, a priority of this specific constructed 'we' in distinction to 'the others'. simultaneously legitimize the primacy of this specific constructed 'we' over 'the others'. Following the tradition of the critique of racism, Shadi Kooroshy wants to contribute to a critical reflection of the canon of knowledge of political education and to question it with regard to power-stabilizing or inequality-promoting/reproducing effects.

Recent publication: Kooroshy, Shadi/Mecheril, Paul (2019): We are the People. Zur Verwobenheit von race und state, in: Hafeneger, Benno/Unkelbach, Katharina/Widmaier, Benedikt (eds.): Rassismuskritische politische Bildung, Frankfurt a.M.: Wochenschau Verlag.


e-mail: shadi.kooroshy [at]

Natascha Khakpour

Freiburg University of Education Natascha Khakpour works on language, racism and critical perspectives on (school) education. After working in Vienna and Freiburg, she is currently a research assistant at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

Current project: Digi:Power. Digital inclusion and digital empowerment in the transition from school to work

Current publication: Khakpour, Natascha (2022, in press): Deutsch-Können als umkämpftes Artikulationsgeschehen. Weinheim: Beltz-Juventa.

e-mail: khakpour[at]

Foto: Liza Schluder

Malika Mansouri

University of Bielefeld

Malika Mansouri is a fully qualified lawyer, anti-discrimination consultant and critical trainer on racism. She teaches and researches on human rights and social rights in the context of migration. She is doing her PhD on norms against racism in the international context.

Recent publication: Equality through the lens of racial discrimination. In: Flüchter, Antje/Davy, Ulrike (Ed.): Concepts of Equality and their Limits. Bielefeld University Press, Bielefeld 2021 (in press).


e-mail: malika.mansouri [at]

Sabine Mohamed

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Sabine Mohamed is a "Bridge to Faculty" Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She completed her PhD at the Institute of Anthropology at the University of Heidelberg (2021) and at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. She conducts research on urbanity, race/ethnicity, affect/body politics, political economy, and empire in Ethiopia and Eritrea. In addition to her regional focus in East Africa, she also works on concepts of diaspora, belonging, circulation, postcolonial and black theory in Europe.


E-mail: smhd [at]

Saboura Naqshband

German Center for Integration and Migration Research

Research associate and co-founder of the collective "Berlin Muslim Feminists", board member of the Intersectional Women* and Girls* Health Center Holla e.V.

Current projects: Provision of social services by secular migrant organizations; "Protection from the evil eye": empowerment training for educators* of color.

e-mail: saboura.naqshband [at]

Bahar Oghalai

Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin

Bahar Oghalai is a social scientist with a focus on the intersections of critique of racism and feminism. She is currently a research assistant in the project "Digital Hate - Digital Hate Speech and Conspiracy Ideologies in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic" at Alice Salomon University. She is doing her PhD on the politicization biographies of diasporic feminists from Iran and Turkey in Germany.

email: oghalai [at]

Verónica Orsi 

Academy of fine arts Vienna

Verónica Orsi is Curator, Diversity-Trainer and PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work combines a discrimination-critical and diversity-oriented museum practice with a trans-feminist approach that focuses on people and their relation with objects in their materialities and affects.

Current project: "Museen als Orte der Demokratiebildung" Dresden State Art Collections and German Hygiene Museum


e-mail: veronica.ines.orsi [at]

Karima Popal-Akhzarati

Distance University Hagen

Karima Popal-Akhzarati is a PhD student and education mediator.

Current project: "Universities in the Migration Society. Institutional Negotiations of Flight/Migration exemplified by Higher Education Programs for Refugees."


e-mail: k.popal-akhzarati [at]

Sheila Ragunathan

Justus-Liebig-University Gießen

Research assistant at the Chair of Political Science with a focus on Gender Studies (JLU Gießen) and fellow of the interdisciplinary research training group "Educational Processes in Discrimination-Critical Higher Education" (JGU Mainz).

Current project: "Biography, Profession and Discrimination Criticism - Reconstruction of the (professional) biographical development of the professional action knowledge of social pedagogues in the work context of discrimination-critical political education".


e-mail: sheila.ragunathan [at]

Narmada Saraswati

Working Group of German Educational Institutions (AdB) in Berlin

Narmada Saraswati is a consultant for diversity in adult education at the Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V. (Association of German Educational Institutions) and heads the project Polyphon! Strengthening Diversity in Political Education. Among other things, she deals with processes of change in educational institutions critical of racism, how political education and culture(s) of remembrance can look in a diverse society, and what the practice of solidarity alliances means in a diverse society.

Current project: "Polyphon! Strengthening Diversity in Political Education".


e-mail: narmada [at]

Saphira Shure

Bielefeld University 

Dr. Saphira Shure is a researcher in the research group "Migration Education and Critique of Racism" at the Faculty of Education at Bielefeld University. Her research interests include education and pedagogical professionalization under the conditions of relations of difference. She works on racism theory and postcolonial perspectives and focuses in particular on the fields of teacher training and schools. Currently, Saphira is primarily concerned with questions of knowledge and meaning production, with reflections on a social unconscious, and with the role of touchability and sensitivity in the context of pedagogical action.

Recent publication: Shure, S. (2021): De_Thematizing migratory social orders. Teacher education as a site of meaning production. Weinheim: Beltz.


e-mail: saphira.shure [at]

Carolina Tamayo Rojas

Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin

Dr. Carolina Tamayo Rojas is a lecturer at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin in the area of "Introduction to Gender and Queer Studies" and "Recognizing & Combating Racism: Social Work Critical of Racism from an Intersectional Perspective". In addition, she is a freelance educational consultant on the decolonization of knowledge and bodies, epistemic violence, alternatives to development, indigenous resistance, etc. She works as the director of the Tempelhof Schöneberg Registry Office for the documentation of racism and other discrimination. Activist with KOP (Campaign Victims of Racist Police Violence.

Recent publication: "Epistimicide, Postcolonial resistance and the state" (2019) in: Postcolonial Studies, Vol. 23, Issue 2. ed. Routledge: London

e-mail: tamayo [at]

Thu Hoài Tran

Humboldt-University Berlin

Thu Hoài Tran is a theater maker and education facilitator. Hoài works and researches on solidarity and intersectionality and empowerment. Hoài's work is located at the intersection of theater, academia, and activism. Previous theater work has been in areas of participatory political theater. Currently, Hoài is working on the question of how diversification and empowerment processes can be sustainably designed in German state and municipal theaters. Hoài is co-founder of the Institute for Affirmative Sabotage, which aims to transform cultural institutions through targeted artistic-activist sabotage.

Current project: "Hail to Intersectional Solidarity!" A qualitative case study of the international feminist day of struggle in Berlin.

e-mail : thu.hoai.tran [at]


Photo: Laura Maren Knauf

Purnima Vater

Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Purnima Vater is an adjunct lecturer at ASH Berlin, a doctoral candidate in educational science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, an educational consultant, an organizational development consultant and a lecturer in the field of migration and racism.

Recent publication: bildungsLab (ed.) 2021: Education. A Postcolonial Manifesto, Münster: Unrast Verlag, p.57.

e-mail: purnimavater [at]